Monday, July 10, 2006

A Very Tired Monday Night

Hi all; I'm gonna try ot keep this short 'cause I am pooped tonight. Sunday was church time, than home for awhile in the afternoon, then off to Ben's for his grand homecoming. It was wonderful to have him back on the ground in good old Michigan -- even though his flight was over an hour late. After some getting re-acquainted and debriefing (now get your minds out of the gutter -- we talked and snuggled a bit -- and they were boxers LOL) we turned in for the night. We slept kind of late and had a lazy start to the day, went out for breakfast, back to the house for a little bit, then I headed home. I wasn't home but about 2 hours and had to head out for a church meeting. It was after 10 when I got home, then checked mail and chatted a minute with Ben -- and here we are at 11 PM, ready to zonk out for the night. I took the attached picture in Ben's driveway last night -- these flowers are so pretty. Have a good day and hug someone special.

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