Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Quick Sunday Morning Post

Well, here it is Sunday morning and I am in a dither getting ready for church and the trip to the lake. I can't seem to focus this morning -- everything I start to do seems to be unfinished; the things that I do finish just don't seem right; I feel as though I am forgetting something important; I really would rather just stay home and pull the covers over my head and spend the day in bed. I don't want to go -- I enjoy church when I am there but getting there is sometimes tough. I enjoy seeing the family, but I really don't feel like driving up there and being around people. I can think of a million reasons to stay home -- I need some down time, Gas is up again, my job needs me, I have things to do, and so on. However, it is days like this when commitment is the only thing that drives me. I WILL go to church and it will be fine. I WILL go to the lake and have a good time. I think I would rather be at Ben's , waking up next to him, and just spending a lazy day together -- but I can't do that and neither can he today. I guess I am feeling as though everyone wants a piece of my time, a piece of me. I am basically a people pleaser I guess and so I go. Sorry if this post sounds "down", but I just needed to vent and get it off my chest. I have to go put some junk in the car, drink a bit of coffee, close down the house for a day, and put on my party face. When I have morning like this I begin to wonder how many others who I encounter today will be wearing their party faces. How many will be putting on the front of happiness and sociability while deep inside they are bearing burdens and weights of sadness, depression, loneliness, anxiety or a host of other burdens that they are hiding? There -- now that I've made everyone's Sunday a little cheerier (LOL), I guess I should get my butt in gear and get into the day. I will be fine, just keep me in your thoughts today -- for rest and for safe travel and for the AC it the car to behave itself -- it throws fits and decides that it is in the arctic circle where it wants to blow massive heat (just what I need on a 90 degree day). Watch for the next post saying what a great time I had and how silly this post was. Love to you all, especially to Ben, my main man.

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