Thursday, April 26, 2007

There IS Hope for Us Yet

I was excited to see the news from New Hampshire today telling of that state's new Civil Union legislation. While it doesn't provide for same sex marriage, it is one more positive step toward full inclusion of same gender couples. On the total other end of the spectrum, the mayor and city council in Chisinau in the Eastern European country of Moldava have denied a permit for this Sunday's Pride march -- this in spite of the court decision allowing GLBT people the right of assembly. There have been threats of arrest, and even some death threats, but the march is scheduled to go on as planned. Keep the marchers in your thoughts and prayers that all will be well. Click here to find out how you can speak up and help make a difference. And remember that when we think we have it bad here, it's a whole lot worse in other places.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Back

Can you believe it's been two weeks since I posted anything to this blog? I guess I was in a writer's wilderness or something or been busy or who knows what. There hasn't been a lot of interest to share. Life goes on. I got to thinking about the media feeding frenzy over the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech. Yes, I am sorry that it happened; yes, I wonder with the rest of the world - Why?; yes, I feel sorry for the families of the victims (including the family of the shooter). However, I don't need to hear things like, "Your sister was one of the victims. How does that make you feel?" How is one supposed to answer that? "No big deal, I didn't like her"? or "Now Mom will pay attention to me"? NO-one can only express the obvious -- grief, sorrow, anger, and the like. For me, I'd rather close ranks around family and grieve privately. We don't know WHY the tragedy happened, but five days of the Today Show from the VT campus isn't going to do much to change that. I turned it off at least two days during the week because I was sick of it. But not to worry, it's taking a back seat to the new news flash -- the Alec Baldwin affair. It was wrong of him to lambast his preteen daughter on voicemail that way, but it's not the business of every thinking person in this country. Aren't there more important things to talk about? Things like, "When are we getting the troops out of Iraq." or "How much longer do we have to put up with GW?" or "How serious is global warming??. Enough of the carnage at VT, enough of raking Alec over the coals. Let's find some positive news to dwell on for a change, we all can find enough negative shit -- let's look for and focus on the positive. Aren't you all glad I am back on my soapbox? LOL. More later. Give someone a hug>

Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is Risen -- In the Snow

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! And as he came forth from the tomb he beheld the fresh fallen snow.... Well, if I were preaching around here this morning, that is how I might imagine the sermon starting. I think that I might have to force myself to focus on the fact that Easter is about Resurrection, not about Spring! It's about new life, not about flowers, eggs, rabbits or candy. It is a day in which we who are Christians should rejoice yet somehow this year I just don't feel that sense of Easter joy. I am a man without a church and a preacher without a pulpit. That feels weird and leaves me feeling somehow disconnected from the body. At the same time the snow and cold does little to speak to me of life and new starts and all those Easter themes. Perhaps for me this Easter needs to be about faith that there is a future and a hope. Now in that I can rejoice -- I hope it comes to pass in the near future. The uncertainty of our current situation is stressful -- Ben has days where he is a basket case; I have days where I wonder why we should go on. These are the days I struggle through, relying on that faith that has My Easter prayer for you is that you might know the joy and celebration that the Resurrection holds. May God touch your heart with the disovery of new life today.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saugatuck in the Snow

Well, what supposed to be a wonderful long weekend for the start of Spring turned into a wonderful weekend for the return of winter. Our quick overnight getaway to Saugatuck came on the same weekend that much of this section of the country experienced a rebirth of winter conditions with more than a cople inches of snow falling in the area overnight. The greatest part of the trip was being with Ben and away from the stresses and strains of the everyday. We shopped and ate and hit the local gay bar -- Ben's second foray into such settings. Now I was sorely disappointed with the Dunes. Of their five bars on property only one was open. Between being pre-season, Easter weekend, and snowing like the Arctic, there wasn't much activity. Again, the best part was being with Ben. We spent our first motel together and had a great time. The biggest problem with the motel was the dozen or so pre-teen girls who invaded the pool and hot tub as we tried to relax in it. What should have been a time of relaxing was interrupted and wrecked. So we went back to our room and watched a movie then headed to the bar. This morning we headed downstairs for the continental breakfast, and you guesed it -- here came the same pack of kids, still in robes and jammies, but every bit awake. Ah well, we finished up quick and left. Then we headed home and have been kicking back and relaxing. Being away was wonderful, and coming home was a delight. The next time I think about a romantic weekend getaway, I'm gonna check the weather report -- it was COLD COLD COLD. We went over to Lake Michigan and the wind was so strong that it was blowing whole chunks of snow off the truck. Brr. Glad I had Ben there to warm me up. I guess my point is that it doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing -- I enjoy just being with Ben and sharing in his life.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Morning

Happy Palm Sunday! Happy April Fools Day! Happy April! Welcome to the second quarter of 2007. Well, folks, it's really weird -- it's Sunday and Palm Sunday at that and I am sitting here in my robe, drinking coffee, watching TV, and blogging instead of being in church. Today is my official last day at the church though last Sunday was really my good bye day. The past few days have been "vacation." It's a weird feeling -- bittersweet --relief misxed with a touch of sorrow, and also wondering what is next for me. Only time will tell.

I found out Friday that I will be working 10 hour days this week -- Monday through Thursday, and then off on Friday. It sounds like a fair trade off. Those ten hour days means that there won't be many posts here this week. After 10 hours on the computer, who wants to do more when they get home? So my wish for you, my friends, is a joyous and insightful Holy Week. May all the answers you seek become crystal clear in this time of deep personal reflection and growth. Hug someone you love.