Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another Day

Well, I heard from Ben last night about 1 AM -- he made it safely to Texas. What a pleasure to hear his voice and to know that all is well.. Today was my day to kill some weeds and do a bunch of web updates and planning for church. I was going nuts trying to update blogs, only to find out that the problem was at blogger, not at my end. My ankle continues to be swollen and a bit sore, but it's doing better than yesterday. It has slowed me down a little -- guess I will try to mow the yard tomorrow. The more stuff I get done in the next few days, the better chance of having time to spend with Ben when he comes home. This was a pretty uneventful day, so I won't go on with this. Have a great day and be blessed.

1 comment:

BentonQuest said...

Hope your ankel is feeling better. :( Put ice on it! :)

See you soon!