Monday, July 24, 2006

A Quick Monday Afternoon Post

What a wonderful day it is! Ben came over yesterday and we had dinner, watched TV, and talked a great deal. Today we went to breakfast and took a drive to see where we will be staying for our upcoming mini-vacation. We came back and Ben is now napping while I write this post. It is so sweet to watch him sleep. I hope that the rest will help relieve his back pain. Of course once he wakes up, it will once again be time for him to head for home and we will be back to the week as usual. I live for the weekends anymore so that we can be together. I am so looking forward to vacation time when we can spend more than a few fleeting hours together. We can really begin to know each other much more deeply. It's only 8 days til my birthday. People have funny notions about birthdays. True, they are rites of passage and their coming marks another year of life completed. However I do not feel "a year older" on my birthday, but only a day older. Ben and I will celebrate the event over the weekend (after all, weekdays don't exist for "us"). Anyway, that's about all from this location at the moment -- take time to hug someone special and to stop and smell the roses. Life is a precious resource -- don't waste it!

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