Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cleared My Calendar

Well it's now the middle of the afternoon and I've been to church, made a couple of family phone calls, done a little computer work, and now have the rest of the day and tomorrow cleart on the calendar to celebrate my upcoming birthday (Tuesday for those who want to send expensive gifts LOL). Ben apparently has some "secret" plans for the day so I am a little excited. Every time I am with him is an adventure - covered bridges, fairs, walks in the park, movies, museums, and just hanging out. He loves life and seems to live it to the full -- a wonderful learning experience for little old (and getting older) me. Anyway, I'm sure that there will be a post tomorrow or Tuesday to tell you the details - or at least some of them. Until then, hug someone and tell them you love them. It'll make their day and yours brighter and better.

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