Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back to "Normal??"

Well, here it is Tuesday night, and I am finally back and able to post some thoughts. I won't bore you here with all the details, but after church Sunday (Yes I made myself go) I went north to see the family (ending up with 6 adults, 7 teens and a preteen -- EEEKKK!). I felt like the outsider, especially when my mother (whom I truly do love) began ragging on me about my job, my love life, and my seeming failure to live up to her expectations. I'm sure she didn't know the depth of hurt she was inflicting -- after all she only had my welfare in mind, but I was both hurt and angry. I was proud of myself -- I didn't blow a gasket, I simply got in the car and came home early. Along the way I encountered the storm from HELL and came home to the building I manage where there no electricity -- a condition which was only corrected this evening after 29 hours of no power. Hats off to the hard workers who are striving to restore power to more than 200,000 customers -- I sure wouldn't want their jobs (of course that might make mother happy and the money they make would be nice).

Ben is away at camp with a group of kids, but he has been so good about calling to check in and stay connected. Don't tell him I told you all, but God, I love this man -- he's so thoughtful and considerate of me. He is the one thing that kept me sane over the past several months even while he is going through his own personal struggles and journey. That is a true barometer of love. You all realize of course that he will be reading this post soon, but hey, I call 'em as I see 'em.

Well, it's almost 11 PM and I am pooped -- got a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, so I guess that's all for tonight. Just pray that our power stays on now. Love you all!

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