Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Well, I've been to church and to Home Depot (had to get weed killer before the weeds take over the yard). Church was alright, but it seemed that there wasn't much energy or excitement today --summer doldrums or something I suppose. I was excited by the fact that our new microphones (four of them) arrived. I spent a little time after service hooking them up and testing them out. I get to be the first one to use the system when I preach next Sunday. I got home and put a cake in the oven to share with Ben after dinner. He just called and is on his way here. The ribeyes that he talked about in his post are going to turn out to be spaghetti or whatever I rustle up -- guess we can have steak tomorrow night at his house. Actually, the menu doesn't matter nearly as much as having such a charming dinner companion. Tonight we will probably watch a movie (either DVD or on TV)and turn in early, although he may want to see "Pants Off Dance Off" on Fuse. It's one bizarre experience if you haven't seen it. Tomorrow I have a couple of things to do around the building, and then it's off to Ben's to help him get ready to head out on his trip. When I was asked by Mom why he needed help getting ready, I told her I needed to count the socks. Goodness knows that I didn't want to tell her everything. I mean she knows I'm gay, but I don't want to be in her face about it. So, once we get up in the morning I will count the socks HA HA. I was glad to see gas back under 3 bucks (paid 2.93 today -- better than the last purchase). That's all the news from here today -- have a great holiday weekend -- I will!!

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