Friday, July 28, 2006

Gas Watch

If you're a regular visitor to this page, you will know that I talk a good bit about gas prices and how high they are going. When I saw gas at 3.14 a gallon the other day and then heard about record high oil prices, I anticipated another record jump. Imagine my surprise when I saw gas at 3.02 this morning. I thought, "I ought to get some gas today," but put it off. When I went to get the oil changed this afternoon, I was overjoyed to see a gas price with a "2" as the first digit. Of course it was 2.99.9, but when I came by on the way home tonight, it was down to 2.97. WOW!! BTW, we passed a KMart with gas tonight and their sign had a blinking blue light -- either a male whore house or a KMart blue light special. As it turned out, it indicated a 5 cent per gallon reduction from their 2.98 price. I will be on the lookout for those in the future. We also passed a station where they give drivers over 55 (Yes, I qualify) a discount of $0.02 per gallon. Some stations are getting very creative in drawing in customers. Drive wisely and shop for gas wisely too!

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