Friday, July 28, 2006

Take Me to the Fair

What a surprise I got this evening! Ben called and wanted to meet for dinner half way between our far flung abodes. That is not the surprise because that happens from time to time. Well, I left early enough to get the oil changed in the car along the way (gotta keep it running). As I left the oil change place, Ben called back and asked if I was up to going to the fair, and of course I said yes!! After dinner, we jumped in the truck and headed out to the fairgrounds. We found a place to park and headed across the street accompanied bythe sounds of a Bible thumping nut job proclaiming salvation to those washed in the blood. Now -- I believe that street evangelism can be successful if done right. However, shouting threats and ultimatums into a megaphone at passers by who are ignoring him is not the way. To effectively evangalize, one needs to develop relationships with the people he/she encounters. But I digress. We made it past the Bible thumper and into the fairgrounds where we encountered all the sights and sounds of the fair. Carnies, rides, side shows, fresh cotton candy, corn dogs, elephant ears, and lemonade -- all mixed with the ever present livestock pavilions brought back memories of fairs long past. This one, however, was special because I was with someone special. We walked along and Ben heard the pitch for the freak side show and with a little effort convinced me that we should go in and see what was up. Fire eaters, sword swallowers, snake woman, spiderwoman (no relation to Spiderman), and more, along with jars with conjoined twins, cyclops, and such oddities were what met us. Some of it was a little hokey, some was kind of interesting, and some was plain weird, but it was kinda fun in a bizarre way. Then we walked some more, and then headed back to pick up my car. I headed north and west and Ben headed south and east. He has some church stuff and personal business stuff to do tomorrow so that he will be free to spend Sunday and Monday with ME. I just want to take a moment here to say thank you to Ben for the wonderful evening. He is so sweet; I am a very lucky fellow to have him in my life. Enough of the gush -- it was a great evening. Hope your weekend is as great as mine started out. take time to do something fun with someone you love.

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