Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's All Facebook's Fault

Hi all! When I looked at my page today, I realized how long it's been since I posted anything. Shame on me. Besides the reality that I haven't had much to say, I've been hooked on Facebook and seem to be spending a lot (read that as way too much) time there exploring and of course playing Pirates and Sudoku. So, blame Facebook - I seem to strangely addicted.

On a different note, I completed my federal and state income tax forms. The US owes me, and I owe the state. At least the difference is in my favor. Now all I need to do is figure out the city forms -- they're more convoluted than the US IRS forms == I never thought that was possible, but..... Once the federal check arrives, it is going for four new tires for the little red car. With the miles I do, good tires are essential. At least I got new wiper blades the other day and with Ben's help got them put on -- in cold windy weather. A word to the wise: If you need wiper blades do it in August or September when it's warmer. We about frostbit our hands, noses, and ears. At least now I can see out the windows LOL.

I don't know much else today so this will be it for this post. See you all again soon (sooner than this time). Remember to hug someone.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Taxation of Taxation

I know that this time of year many of us are giving some thought to income tax, whether we will owe or reap a huge refund, or whether we will be able to figure out the maze of forms, figures, and receipts and get everything taken care of. The whole issue of taxes is very much in the forefront of the media these days in light of two cabinet nominees withdrawing their names in the light of tax "errors" and one who was confirmed in spite of tax problems. Over the past few years, there have been others in high profile positions who were discovered to have had tax issues -- including Caroline Kennedy. What all of this brings to my mind (and hopefully should put some thoughts in smarter folks than I) is that our tax system is so broken that mere mortals are baffled by it. I cannot believe that these public servants intentionally strove to cheat the government of which they are a part (though I suppose that is possible). I strongly believe that our entire tax code needs a major overhaul free of partisan and classist politics. I am a strong proponent of a straight percentage tax on all income -- from the poorest to the richest. The poor will scream that they can't afford it and the rich will scream that they are paying more than their share, but that's too bad. Employers could simply withhold a percentage from all paychecks and submit it directly to the government. Corporations paying dividends could do likewise with dividend payments. There would be no need for individuals to ever have to file a return or keep receipts or any of the dreaded first of the year tasks. The government could downsize IRS, and all would be well. I suppose that I am looking at this from a naive point of view, but for me it would be far more simple and fair. What do you think?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Evening

Hi everyone. Since I got hooked on Facebook, my blogger life has been suffering. I hope to get them in balance with each other soon. Anyway, here I am. I am sitting here in front of the TV watching a series of commercials that is interrupted by something that the girls call football. Can someone explain that to me? LOL. The job seems to be going well though half of Thursday and all of Friday were wasted time since they had us out observing other agents (the bad part of that is that most of them were doing things we will not be doing, and the ones who were doing the thing we will didn't seem to know what they were doing.). I am sure that this week will be more productive. The paycheck for the first three days of work was nice. Today was church and that is always challenging. Service went well, but afterward someone got his feathers ruffled and blew up and left. It was silly stuff too. Some folks were setting up for a Valentines Party (why they are setting up this early is beyond me, but that's another issue). They rearranged the tables and that - believe it or not - is what precipitated the upset. When will these people get a clue that most of the little things are not worth getting upset over. And who cares how the tables are arranged? They can be moved for the next time and the time after. Whatever! I am tired of dealing with middle aged children! That's about all for today. Stop by and look for me on Facebook! Hug someone.