Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Morning

Well, here I am FINALLY. What an interesting few days since my last post. Friday started out like a usual Friday with a trip to a nearby town to take a friend to his weekly doctor appointment and out to breakfast. That done, we headed home in time to join the building residents for a potluck birthday lunch hosted by a local church. I got out of there and finished my work and headed off to see Ben who went home a little early from his week at camp due to severe back pain. We had a quiet evening - dinner and TV. Saturday we headed to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It was awesome -- huge crowd and lots of good art, but -- alas -- not much to look at in the people department. We had lunch and headed home tired and with Ben back in pain -- he really should have stayed home but he really wanted to go. We got back to his house where I had to collect my stuff and the dog and head for home. A pretty good weekend so far -- then I turned on the computer and the "fun" began. It powered up alright though it was slower than usual as if that is possible. Then I signed into my Yahoo account and found half my toolbar missing AND that I could not access my mailbox. OMG, an internet junkie fag without email access! A tragedy. Well, I finally got the toolbar back after I did a disk cleanup and defrag and finally restored the system to what it was a couple days ago. By then, I was exhausted and frustrated and went to bed. As for the mail problem, I old myself I'd worry about that in the morning. Well, during the night the computer ran its daily scan and downloaded some MS updates. When I got up, I had to reboot the system from the updates. Everything seemed back to normal, so I signed in to Yahoo -- lo and behold the toolbar appeared like a long lost friend. With a bit of hesitation and a bit of prayer, I held my breath as I clicked the mailbox button and, after a bit of groaning and whining (the computer, not me), up popped my mailbox with 18 junk mails, 3 "jokes" from friends, and a quick note from Warren at Northwoods Guys. If you haven't read this great blog, take a minute and visit -- you will fall in love with Steve and Warren and become a regular visitor just like me. Anyway, now it's off to the shower and then to church. This afternoon Ben is supposed to come over, but I told him to think twice about it if his back is still real bad. So pray that he receives a miraculous healing at church this morning (Do Lutherans get such things??).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading my rants. Take time today to go to the church of your choice and then find a way to show someone you love them.

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