Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hell Expanding

Ben talked about the innermost circle of Hell as being in Texas, but after the day I'm having, I think that the borders have been extended to include this part of the world as well. It began first ting this morning with a tenant griping about something that was nothing at all (that's what some tenants seem to do for entertainment. That got some other tenants all up in arms, and I made a retreat (hasty but for the fact that my ankle was throbbing from being on it too much) for my apartment. Then I decided that the grass needed mowing, so I hobbled out and got the tractor out and went to work. I hadn't been out ten minutes when I rounded a corner where I always go and crashed (mildly thank God) head on into one of the tenant's cars (entirely my fault. Thankfully all I did was leave a little John Deere green paint on his bumper, but it upset me. After apologizing profusely and being assured that it was no big deal I got back to work. I went about another ten minutes and ran out of gas, so it was off to the gas station(speaking of hell)Where I experienced sticker shock once again. The price was up to 3.09 a gallon, so five gallons and $15.50 later I was back to mowing. I managed to finish the job without incident and came in to rest my ankle for a while. WELL, let's take advantage of the time and load some new software on the system -- wrong choice -- Satan struck again. It completely locked up my system to the point of a hard manual shut down -- twice. By now it was time to join some residents for dinner only to have one gripe that the AC was too cold, and the next saying it was too hot in there. EEEKK. Right now the sprinklers are trying desperately to save the browning grass and it's about time to relax with a movie -- as long as the DVD machine doesn't explode or something. All this and my two main bastions of sanity (Dan and Ben) are both out of town. Therapy beckons!! Hope your day is going better than mine.

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