Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Discovery and A Question

As you know if you read this blog, Tuesday is my birthday. What you don't know yet is that my daughter shares the day as well. I chatted with her today and she discovered that she had miscalculated and thought she was going to be a year younger than what is the reality. Poor baby -- keep getting younger so I can stay young too. Of course, her blog profile lists her as "middle aged" though I'm not sure I agree with that description. However -- here comes the big question -- wait for it -- If my daughter is middle aged (a term I use in my own profile) then what does that make me? Don't everyone hit "comment" at the same time to tell me I'm old -- you may crash the whole internet not to mention hurting my feelings. I never really considered myself "old", but is it possible that we are simply at opposite ends of the "middle aged" spectrum? PLEASE! Ah well, whatever the answer to the question, having a birthday sure beats the alternative.

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