Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Frustrating Day

I think this picture will tell you what kind of day it was. It took nearly two years for my cell phone provider to figure out that I moved out of their network area -- duh!! Now they tell me that too many of my calls are out of network and that I need to change my usage. I had a better idea -- change providers! So, after 7 years and three phones, I spent hours on the phone and the web finding just the right phone and deal. After that I went to church to deal with canceling our AOL account -- and this picture is very accurate as to my attitude toward that process -- an hour and a half and three phone calls, a supervisor, some guess work, threats, and tears AND finally it is done. If you are an AOL'er -- good for you. I will tell you that the horror stories you hear are true -- "But this is all for your protection" really means, "If we can keep you confused and angry, you will hang up and we will be able to bill you for another month of overpriced service." After the run around today, I told the last customer service rep (and the nicest) that if they gave me a year's free service and a block of AOL stock, I would still cancel just because of the crappy service. But enough of that. Then I got to drive home in a deluge of rain -- much needed but harder than heck to see where I was going. YUCK!

Oh -- and the topper of all stupid stuff. I made a trip to KMart (a rarity for sure) for some stuff they had on sale. I actually found what I was looking for (also a rarity at KMart) and happily proceeded to the check out line where I discovered to my horror that I had taken all the credit cards out of the wallet and didn't have enough cash in my pocket. At least I made this amazing discovery BEFORE I got to the cashier. So I excused myself to the folks behind me in line and with as little attention as I could draw, put the items back and walked out emptyhanded (and apparently a little empty headed too). After all of the above fun, all I can say is that I am glad tomorrow is only a little ways off. Now if I could just be like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and do today over (of course with full knowledge of what to change) everything would be perfect. But I expect that when I awake it will be Wednesday and there will be another whole day of excitement and challenge. Hang in there and be blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Steve tells me I feel 49... LOL

And since he is always on top of things - I guess he has the "in" for knowledge on that subject.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care...

Steve and Warren