Friday, July 07, 2006

A New Dawn, A New Day

Well, it amazes me how a night's sleep and change of view can improve one's situation. If you read my previous post, you know that yesterday was truly a day from Hell. Today I woke up - always a good start -- with a much brighter outlook. Things have gone very well today. I am in the midst of writing a sermon to be preached on Sunday, and yesterday I couldn't put two positive thoughts together. Today however the thoughts are flowing and I will have a draft finished in a short time, and tomorrow will polish and finish the task for presentation. God is awesome. I talked to Ben about 1 AM, and he continues to deal with the stresses and chaos of his outing with the kids from the church and with his co-chaperone. Keep him prayer that he has smoother sailing through the next couple of days. Whatever happens, he knows that I will be there for him as soon as he gets home. I suspect a lot of cuddling and holding, listening and caring is the order of events. I suspect that after being home a day or so, things will begin to have a normalcy. It will be time for him to focus on what lies ahead as he prepares for a major change in his life. I pray that whatever direction that change takes him, I might move in similar direction. A man as caring and decent as Ben is a prize to be treasured. Okay, so I get a little sappy now and then. I have to finish the sermon, teach a class at church tomorrow, prepare some resources for worship and do Sunday service before heading over to be there for Ben's return.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, take time to celebrate the goodness of God -- attend the church of your choice, not so much to receive some thing new (though that is good) but to share your God given gifts and your faith. You see -- church is not about GETTING something, but about SHARING what God has already given and done in your life. See you in church.

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