Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Question

Well, after writing a brilliant post which got lost somewhere in cyberspace, I decided to post something much more probing. Why is it that TV cannot (or does not) advertise condoms? I'm sick of commercials for tampons, douches, deodorizer sprays, birth control pills, ED treatments, and the like. How about a commercial for condoms? They could be done tastefully -- of course some of the ones I've mentioned above aren't tasteful. How about a campaign? Maybe a "Trojan" horse? Anyway, that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason that they won't advertise condoms on national television, is because they're afraid it'll lead young people to have sex. Go figure!

And I know, because... wait until young people find out about the pleasures of sex with condoms! "Oh yeah, you think you like fucking (pardon my French) now? Wait till you try it in plastic!" (Sounds like the grocery store, now doesn't it. Paper or Plastic,sir?)

How many people here have ever gotten laid because they had too many condoms at a party one night?

They may not prevent all STD's, but heaven knows they should help.

Anonymous said...

We've never used condoms..but that one is cute! ;-)