Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Economy Strikes Again

We continue to read and hear about how the economy is struggling for growth and survival. In our area, many folks have fallen victim to this economic mess as jobs vanish, homes are lost, and prices continue to rise. I have felt very fortunate to have landed a decent job, but even this one is not immune from the ravages of the economy. Relax -- I still have my job, but they are cutting 40 hours per employee over the next five weeks. While that will result in a loss of several hundred dollars for our household (and many others), I am thankful that I still have a job. This management decision adds to an already uncertain future for my job. We shall persevere -- God hasn't let us down yet. But that doesn't lessen the worry factor. It is perhaps the least desirable part of working through a temp agency -- the lingering knowledge that any day could be the last balanced by a desire to do a professional and worthwhile job. Ah well, life goes on!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

Remember to SPRING FORWARD one hour tonight!!


First, thanks to all who made suggestions about furniture arrangements in response to my last post. I knew that the particular readership of this blog would surely have ideas on decorating -- LOL. I am sitting here today watching it rain. Our weather has been weird -- cold and snow, then warm and sunny, now cold and rainy --welcome to Michigan where if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes. My sermon is pretty much ready for tomorrow, a load of dishes is washed as is a load of laundry. Ben will be home within the hour and dinner is on the horizon. Tomorrow is church and a board meeting -- oh joy! Less than four months and my time with this group will be O-V-E-R!!. It's been an interesting ride with moods swinging from excitement to gloom and back toward excitement. It is my prayer that during these four months I can narrow that swing and focus the group on being church. Ah well, we shall see. In six weeks time, Ben and I will be moving -- scary prospect. I look forward to the new place, but getting all this crap packed and moved and unpacked is a daunting challenge. We shall, however, manage it somehow. Anyone want to come and help? Well, that's about all that's going on here -- guess I will wrap this up and go back to playing games on Facebook. See you there!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Looking Toward the Big Move

In just over a month Ben and I will be making many trips between where we live now and our new home -- we must have a few thousand boxes of stuff and furniture enough for a small hotel (well, that might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea). Here is our new floor plan. I have been arranging furniture in my mind for the past week and there are so many options that we won't actually decide anything until we start getting stuff over there. We had to laugh during our initial visit to the new complex. The not too bad looking young man showing us the units made several mentions of "roommate" situations -- particularly with reference to the second bedroom. We decided not to burst his bubble of innocence or ignorance, but we thought, "Boy, have you got it wrong!" But back to the unit itself. See that area on the first floor called "dining area"? Well if one has a small and narrow table maybe it would work as what it is labelled. However, I am playing with several ideas for that space. We have two antique wooden arm chairs that I think would make a great reading nook with the addition of our antique round side table. Or we could put a TV there (that's what they say a lot of residents do), but I don't think I want a TV in the Living Room. Then of course, we could do a wall of bookcases (God knows we have enough books to fill it), but that would mean having to buy bookcases. We could leave it empty (what a novel idea). Your thoughts on this "odd" and somewhat useless (or somewhat versatile) area are welcome. Anyway, it will be a fun experience setting up housekeeping - again!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Life is Up in the Air

Our lives continue to be in an uproar. After a Saturday morning trip to the mechanic for four tires and new front brakes, we headed west to apply for a lease on a townhouse. Between those two stops, the rent and a couple of other bills, the big three week paycheck, the tax check and the bank bonus are gone and it's back to the grindstone to earn enough to pay the next stack of bills. But life is good. I am really looking forward to the townhouse. With a basement that will allow Ben to bring his glass stuff home and also some space for storage, I might be able to keep at least the first floor somewhat organized. At least that is the plan -- of course it remains to be seen whether or not I can do it. Only time will tell. The job continues to be challenging -- not terribly difficult, but a great deal of detail. It's easy to make boo boo's, but I think I have a handle on what I'm doing. The problem with a temp job is that I go to work every day with the possibility that this could be the last day. I expect it to last for some time, but since we service a major automaker, and they aren't doing so well, they may make cuts and those cuts will roll downhill to us. We shall see. I'd like it to last a year or more, and certainly at least six months. Six months will qualify me for unemployment again and a year will put me within 6 months of social security. Who knows? I might just slide into retirement and become a gentleman of leisure. Ben can support me in the style to which I'd like to become accustomed. Just kidding -- we will get through all the turmoil and life will settle down one of these days. I hope! Hug someone.