Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update on Wedding Wars

Yesterday I posted information of A&E's new movie, Wedding Wars. I actually got to see it last night and I recommend it to anyone the least bit interested in either side of the gay marriage debate. Parts of it were corny and/or contrived, but overall it seemed to raise and address issues in a meaningful way. Of course for me the greatest "fariy tale" part of the movie was the solidarity of GLBT folks across the country. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from the movie and support one another. It is true that the proponents of gay marriage have suffered many defeats at the hands of the "traditional one man-one woman marriage" set, but worldwide we have scroed some major victories. We cannot and should not all move to Canada or even to Massachusetts. Instead we should hang together, strategize, speak out and generally become a royal butt pain to our opponents. We need to address their concerns rationally, calmly, and from a perspective of knowledge. I think that the movie addressed another perspective as well. There are gay people who have never taken the time to think about getting married. Up until recently there was no such thing as same gender marriage. For some GLBT folks, the subject is just as disturbing as it is to the Moms and Pops across America. The fact remains however, what business of anyone else's is my relationship? If I want to marry a man, how does that threaten you, your marriage, or society as a whole? Come on, America, stop being so tightassed and purtianical; open up and let people be people. One cannot legislate love or morality, so let's spend our time and resources debating important issues like how to reduce divorce or how to feed, clothe, and maintain the underpriveleged. Let's find a way to bring our troops home instead of taking sordid peeks into the bedrooms of America. Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into a tirade. Take time to try to see Wedding Wars on A&E. I am about to email A&E and thank them for their bold move in releasing the film and asking if it is expected to be released on DVD. Will let you know if it is. Enjoy!

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