Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon

I talked to Ben last night and the concert was a great success. Missing it was a huge disappointment for me, but that's the way the snow falls. Ben had the opportunity to fellowship with some folks from his previous congregation, and that was a good thing that might not have happened had I been there. Who knows? Today I shoveled snow (again) and began painting a vacant apartment. One thing I am learning is that I am not 18 or even 25 or 35 anymore, and things take longer and take their toll physically. I decided rather than killing myself any further, I would stop, clean up the mess, and start again tomorrow in another room. I am beginning to wonder if I am physically up to the demands of this job. Most of the time it's no big deal, but when it comes to shoveling snow or rehab-ing an apartment, then that is another story. I think I 'd like to be around for a long time to enjoy life. I sure hope that one of the myriad of job applications pays off soon. Tonight, it's off to church for a Board meeting -- oh joy of joys. If you've ever been part of a board of a church you know how much fun those things can be. Then it's home to bed so that I can start painting again. BLECH! Ah well, at least it racks up the hours and boosts the paycheck!


Lemuel said...

o, church board meetings! what joy! bless you!

BentonQuest said...

Of all the things about churches I don't miss, I think I don't miss board meetings the most!