Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Morning

Well, the merry go round of life continues, but things are looking up. Ben is now Father Ben. He will, I'm sure, be blogging you all to let you know and to share in the celebration. I am scheduled to start my new temp job on Jan. 4, which means getting moved and settled. It also means I will soon be out of the apartment job that has helped keep body and soul together for the past two years. That's the same job that drove me crazy both from tenant issues and questionable supervision. It also was too unpredictable in the paycheck department. The new job will bring home a good bit more in one week than the old job did in a month! And the topper of the whole thing is that the commute for Ben and me to be together will cease. HOORAY. Today I am sitting in Mother's living room posting on dial up before I head to the hospital to sit with my siblings while Mom is in surgery. Once she is out of surgery (hoping all goes smoothly and successfully) I will head to Ben's and on home either tonight or in the AM. Then tomorrow evening will be back at Ben's for a dinner party on Saturday, then off to the west again for church on Sunday, back to my place Sunday afternoon, church Sunday night, back to Ben's for the night, and then to Mom's (or my sister's house nearby) for Christmas day, back to Ben's on Tuesday, and home to pack for moving. I am beginning to feel like the ball in the pinball game. BOING BOING BOING. I am praying that my 13 year old car continues to get me all the places I need to be. It is not in BAD shape, but it does have its age related issues. I am going to claim the surrounding and protection of the travel angels as I zoom to and fro. I will post an update either tonight or tomorrow. Until then, dear friends, hang in there, enjoy the season, and hug someone special.

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Lemuel said...

With sincerely prayers that everything goes well for your mother in her surgery and with thanksgiving for the new and positive developments in both yours and Ben's lives (and you life together)