Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Night

Well, I am back from Detroit and Mom's surgery is behind her. It appears to have been a success and some blood circulation was restored to her left leg -- sure beating the alternative if this procedure had failed. I stopped off and submitted my hair sample for drug testing for the new job and had dinner with Ben before heading home. Tomorrow I need to call my boss and update him on what's happening. Ironically, he stopped by today while I was away -- dropping off a ham for Christmas -- now what am I going to do with that? Tomorrow is my usual Friday morning drive to the clinic and breakfast, then some laundry, paperwork, packing, and back to Ben's for the start of the weekend. So, having shared all that and taking a moment to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, I will sign off, and go read what you all had to say today. Good night and God bless.


Lemuel said...

Unless you are Jewish, I would suggest you and Ben eat the ham. [**snicker**]

(Seriously, if you do not want and cannot use the ham, perhaps there is a food bank or pantry that can use it. Perhaps a Family family with someone with AIDS.)

So very happy that your mother apparently endured the surgery well and that the procedure was beneficial.

A blessed Christmas to you and Ben!

Ur-spo said...

I see you are doing the traditional christmas running around all over the state doing as much as can be done in a weekend.
Nothing like traditions!

Journeyman said...

So glad your mom's surgery seems to be successful.

Merry Christmas.