Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Not All About Me

I have discovered through blogging a whole world full of interesting people with thoughts, ideas, problems, fears, hopes, and dreams. As I read Yarraville Paul's post about the bushfires in Australia I was reminded that there is more to the world than the good old USA, more than my job search and financial problems, and so on. As I read Ur-Spo'spost about attending his aunt's funeral, I was once again reminded that others suffer losses and that others have memories to share. I am once again amazed at the internet is making the world smaller in that we can know instantly what's going on anywhere in the world, and also making it larger by making us all a vital and regular part of each others lives. Just as Ben marveled at the functioning of the human body, I marvel at the functioning of the world and the "internet" society. I sometimes chastize myself for spending so much time on the net -- Lord knows the time I spend reading all the interesting blogs and news stories and such could be used for other things -- but then I realize that I am building relationships with people all over the world. And in my book, our journey is all about relationship. Anyone we interact with is someone with whom we have begun a relationship -- what we choose to do with that relationship is up to us. Do we simply say, "That's nice, have a great day" or do we continue to develop a friendship or at least a casual acqauintance? To all of you out there in blogger land, thank you for being bold enough to share yourself. My life is richer for your presence in it. I don't read every blog out there -- who could? -- but I find those that speak to me and that help me to put my life and issues into a grater context.


Lemuel said...

Thank you for stating this concept so well! I sometimes kick myself for my "internet addiction" which has now been overtaken by my "blog addiction", but my life is so much richer for all the new people I have met through blogs since I began in May.

And thank YOU for being a part of our [and mine in particular] world!

Ur-spo said...

that was nicely put.
nicer than one of my patients who told me that the blog world is to pick up easy chicks. :-)

Doug said...

I've only been blogging for 4 months, and I couldn't agree with you more. I've really enjoyed getting to know this circle of folks. It makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, great post..well said!!

...and thanks for the link.

Cheers, Paul