Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Night

Well, life is interesting. My blues period of this afternoon evolved into a little Christmas decorating and an hour's nap. Now it's late evening, it's snowing like someone busted a sack of flour in a wind tunnel, and I've just kind of mellowed out. I got ot the Nativity sets, the cermic tree and some nic nacs. Tomorrow will be a WalMart run for some odds and ends to assemble a small tree, a few lights in the window and -- voila - ready for Christmas. Of course the lovely nap made me awake again and now it's bedtime - -wonder if I will sleep. I had better since I will no doubt have to be up early to shovel this lovely white stuff. Boy, when winter decided to arrive, it hit fast and hard. Hope you all have a great week. Take time to hug someone.


Lemuel said...

cute nativity! enjoy the snow! safe travels!

BentonQuest said...

Glad you were feeling better. I am also glad you put the Christmas stuff up. We have to live in the now because this is all we have.