Saturday, December 09, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

Lemuel at Greedy Maelstrom tagged me for Six Weird Things. My problem is that I don't think there's much weird about me -- but for the sake of good blogger-ship I will attempt to find some stuff.

1. I like to watch odd TV like Lifetime Made for TV Movies, old sitcom reruns and the like.

2.I dislike MOST green vegetables.

3. I love to walk down the halls of my building humming or whistling praise music. The seniors either love it or think I'm crazy.

4. Some of you won't find this weird, but lots in the GLBT community and lots in the mainstream Christian community will. I am both happily gay and happily Christian.

5. I love to be naked at home -- not in public (I'd hate to make anyone sick).

6. I love stuffed bears, and have a Boyd's Bears Nativity. A real bear now and then is always fun too.

I'm not gonna tag anyone specifically, but when YOU read this, consider yourself tagged and pass it on.


Lemuel said...

Thanks for doing this! I really enjoyed reading your list!

#5 You and Ben. Tsk. Tsk. ***grin***

#6 Stuffed bears, hmmm...... ***EG*** With/by what, pray tell?

HUGS! and thanks again!

Rhea said...

You have just made it safe for me to admit that I like some of those Lifetime made-for-TV movies, too. There was a real trashy one with a wealthy older woman and her affair with the pool guy. I've seen it a few times because they are always re-running it.

Ur-spo said...

all this nakedness in the home; it leads to social dancing!