Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Newer Tradition

Here is a picture of my Boyds Bears Nativity Scene. My best friend and his partner began this collection for me about 10 years ago and between them and me, the limited edition set is complete. Considering my love of nativity scenes (at one time I had somewhere around 50 but have downsized) and my affection for bears, this set is perfect and an important part of my Christmas. Right now I am down to this set, my Mexican nativity featured in an earlier post, and one cut into a piece of glass. I am working on rebuilding my collection, and I am somewhat saddened at having parted with so many sets -- especially the one that was handmade for me. At least I know that that set is bringing joy to the friend to whom I gave it. Thanks to all for putting up with my Christmas addiction.

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Lemuel said...

These are great!