Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Decorating Disaster

Here's another "dayflated" decoration picture. This one looks "Santa's morning after Christmas Eve" shot. He's so wiped out that he simply collapses on the ground as the reindeer stand quietly waiting for him to recover from the night. I really think that if you want those inflatable decorations that is great, but if you have them, keep them pumped up or plugged in. They look STOOPID when they are laying dayflated on the ground! But of course that is just my not so humble opinion!


Lemuel said...

Friends of ours live in a narrow row home (old, old townhouse - think classic brownstone without the class) that sits directly on the street. There is no front yard only a small porch and sidewalk between the front door and the street. They have neighbors who have three of these monstrous inflatables on their porch. It looks absolutely silly. There is no room for anything but these balloons.

Nick said...

Some of the inflatables, in the right setting and KEPT INFLATED, are cute -- but there are far too many in situations such as you describe. Ah, where are all the gay decorators???