Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Morning

Hey all! First of all, today is the last day to post your vote on my Weekly Poll found lower on the left side of this page. A new poll will go up sometime tomorrow -- watch for it.

This morning will be church -- as always. Then Ben and I will be back at my place and will share in the complex Christmas party with the old folks -- Ben will be in for a real treat LOL. This evening, one of the local churches is coming by to share the holiday spirit, so we will be at it again -- then it's back to Ben's for Sunday night. It's been a busy weekend so far. I headed to Ben's on Friday. Yesterday, we headed for the local coffee house where Ben and some of his music pals were singing. From there we headed out and went to Bronners (the HUGE Christmas store). Now that is a logical thing to do one week before Christmas -- it must be the thing to do since half the world was there. Then it was back to Ben's to pick up the dog and then on to my house and BED TIME!

I know it will be a busy week for everyone, but take time to enjoy the anticipation of the coming of Christmas. Don't let the world creep in and steal your joy. That's all for this morning!


Lemuel said...

Whaoh! But it was/will be all worth it - because of Ben!

Ur-spo said...

good words; my christmas joy is near drained away. I hope to replenish some in a week's time.