Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Memories

One of my Christmas memories/traditions is this antique card which I received as a very young child back in 1949. The actual card is the cutout of Santa and every year this card and a few others hang on my Christmas tree. The past couple of years I haven't had a tree that would take something that size hanging and I've had it sitting out or hanging somewhere visible. Just having this card out reminds me of the many Christmases I've spent -- as a child, as a parent, as a single, with a partner, and so on. It draws the past into the present and sets the stage for the future. I guess that is rather Dickens-esque -- there's the Ghost of Christmas Past, there's Christmas present, and it sets the stage for Christmas future. Someday this card will pass on my child and grandchild who, I hope, will continue the tradition recalling that Christmas when I was just one year old. I just decided that I wanted to share this piece of MY Christmas with each of you. What memories and traditions do you have?


Lemuel said...

Your card is definitely from that era! and reminds me of cards and toys and images from my early childhood. They were days so vastly different from the present ones. Your questions prods me to post of my own memories. Thanks for the suggestion.

Steve and Warren said...

I love the card, it brings back some memories of Christmas past.

Steve is to young to remember a Santa that looks like that one.

Yes, we are alive and well. ;-)

Steve and Warren