Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning

Well, everyone, another weekend is behind us and it was a glorious time spent with Ben. He arrived Friday evening (poor baby, had to work all day and then drive 100 miles just to see me). Actually, he claimed he was coming to see the dog. The funny part is that she gets so excited when he arrives -- more so than with most folks. Of course, I guess I do too. On Saturday we went out for breakfast and got the car serviced -- how romantic. Then it was home to just hang out, watch TV, and just be together. Sunday, of course, was church in the AM. In the late afternoon we attended an open house that Ben got invited to some 75 miles from my house and 25-30 from his. It was really neat -- beautiful home, antiques, Christmas everywhere, good hors d'ouerves, excellent wine, a few "family" members, and a worthy cause. The host makes a dontation to the local Hospice for each person who attends -- and there were a lot of people through that house yesterday. Hospice benefits, everyone has a good time. Sounds perfect to me. It was interesting to watch Ben as we ended up in a seating area with three "family" members. As usual, he was charming, but he was a little uncomfortable as they were talking about church, and he really didn't want to tell the whole story. Try as we might to move the conversation, it came back to that. Finally, we excused ourselves and headed out. We wandered through WalMart (yes, I got him into the evil empire -- not once, but twice yesterday) and then he went east and I went northwest and now it's back to the boring world of Monday through Friday. The job searches continue and Christmas looms. Take a moment and hug someone today. Love to all.


Lemuel said...

If you are with someone you love (and especially if he looks like Ben!), even getting the car serviced can be romantic. (I could get very suggestive here, but I'll pass for now. **EG**)

Have a great week - looking forward to being with Ben again!

Ur-spo said...

love to you too,
and it is spelled
hors d'oeuvres
I won the Junior high spelling bee with that one. :-)

Journeyman said...

I'm with lemuel...doing the most regular of tasks with someone you love and care about is so wonderful. It's so great that you and Ben can take joy from doing ordinary things together. It helps me understand that it is the person you are with, not the activities in which you participate, which are lovely.