Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time Flies Whether or Not

Time flies, it seems, whether or not one is having fun. I woke up this morning realizing that it is already Thursday and I haven't accomplished a whole lot this week. On top of that it is only two weeks until Thanksgiving (US), and only six and a half weeks until Christmas. That also means it's only seen and a half weeks until 2007 (That, by the way, is Two Thousand Seven, or even Twenty OH Seven, but not Two Thousand AND Seven). Pardon my little grammar lesson, but I am finding all the ANDs really annoying, even from those who speak professionally--geez!

I talked with Ben this morning and he is in a somewhat better space, though the finances continue to lurk somewhere just below the surface. The one joy of it being Thursday already is that tomorrow is Friday and I will get to spend time with him -- just overnight, since I am off for a weekend speaking engagement for Saturday and Sunday. I should be back at Ben's Sunday night and home on Monday and another week starts the whole cycle over again. Today will be spent cleaning up what I am to be saying this weekend, mopping floors, doing laundry, checking my own finances, and sharing in a potluck with the old folks here at the complex. There goes any hope of a responsible diet -- how many ways can one fix macaroni?

By now, the future of the US Senate is set -- for at least the next two years, the Congress will be led by Democrats with a Republican administration -- that should make for some intriguing news. Either there will be lots of fights or absolutely nothing will get done. At least it will be a nice change from the past 12 years of a totally Republican dominated Washington DC. Now if the Democrats play things right and if they can find a viable and electable candidate in 2008, perhaps there will be a Democrat in the White House. Talk of candidates like Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry worries me. Each of them in his or her own right might be well qualified for the position, but I don't believe any of them to be electable at this point in time. I could see some hope for a John Edwards/Barak Obama ticket, maybe even Edwards/Clinton. I just don't think that this country is quite ready to elect a female or person of color to the office of President. It is a sad commentary on the deeply rooted prejudices in this country, but that's the way I see it right now. I think that Mr. Obama is potential presidential timber at some point in the future; I think that Ms. Clinton would fill the office well (except for the spectre of Bill's past--blown out of proportion by the right and the media). I believe that the only way to get a woman in the White House would be for BOTH parties to nominate women. How about a Clinton vs. Condaleeza Rice contest? Hmmm.

Well, I didn't mean to get so wordy or political. I think I am trying to avoid housework and homework. Blogging is great, but it sure does take time HA HA. Hope everyone has a great Thursday. Hey -- here's an idea -- if you know someone who might be alone for Thanksgiving, why not try to include them in your celebration? I would think that in most cases, there would be enough turkey and dressing to go around and it would brighten their day.

Be good to the one you love and pray for those you don't.

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Lemuel said...

The Anaconda vs Hillary? OMG! Where is the nearest NZ consulate?!