Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, customer service has sunk to a new all time low. I called a local outlet of the store in which I bought the now infamous Thanksgiving mugs to see if by chance they were available locally. I researched store locations and spent a good bit of time trying lots of ways of getting some more of the mugs. When I finally called a store in the Detroit area and made what I thought to be a simple request -- Are they available in your store? -- the response I got was simpy "Huh?". Needless to say, I simply said, "Never mind," and hung up. If the help that is hired these days is so ignorant as to answer a one "word" grunt, I have better things to do with my resources -- time and money - than to try to explain myself. I would gladly have repeated my request had I received a "Pardon me" or "Excuse me, what was it you wanted?" or some intelligent and polite (translate that as customer service appropriate) response. I refuse to become a victim of the dumbing down of America. Am I being petty or should we refuse to be treated like unimportant and ignorant clouts by a lower than average intelligence (or common courtesy) work force? So I continue to seek a source for additional mugs -- I have had no less than three requests for them. Hmm, maybe I need to start a "Thanksgiving Mug Store."

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Lemuel said...

It is amazing the low level to which we have sunk in customer care and customer service. Those in such positions (and they range from medical personnel to the clerk at the supermarket) seem to think that we as customers are there to serve them.