Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Well, it's Monday afternoon and I am home -- at least for now. Ben and I had a busy busy busy weekend that had us at his house, then mine, and then back to his with a lot of church stuff in between. It was all good, just exhausting. Last night as we were driving down back roads (Ben's favorite -- or second favorite pastime) we saw many many deer running too and fro. The great thing is that we saw them. Too many folks around here don't see them until it's too late and then there is an accident. Ben got us safely home (as always), but it was really incredible to see that many deer. How could anyone take a gun and take the lives of these beautiful creatures? Ah, but that sounds like my recurring theme -- quit shooting the deer. I am thinking that perhaps the best part of the entire weekend was Saturday night once we got home from a long afternoon and evening of church related activity. Ben went to the kitchen and whipped up a yummy dessert to take for dinner the next day while I took care of some busy work that needed doing. Once I finished and put on some music, I joined Ben in the kitchen and before I knew it we were dancing -- a first to say the least -- I have danced in many places, but never the kitchen and never yet with Ben. I really need to learn to stop and enjoy "the dance." When we went to bed, Ben was the most attentive, caring, sensual (or is it sensous? I can't seem to get the right word in the right sentence) partner one could ask for. Touching, caressing, holding, etc., not in a normal sexual direction, but just expressing love and care. Ben, I thank you for that gift.

This morning, before I left for home, I applied for yet another job in Ben's city -- one of these days I will be in the right place at the right time and all will be well. This is another case of "Thank you for applying; we will be looking at applications next week and will let you know." GRRR. I am ready to use that line on my creditors -- "Thanks for requesting payment; I will be reviewing things and make a decision next week; I'll let you know if you are getting any money then." Ah, such a temptation.

Today on the way home I stopped at McDonalds (for my occasional "sludge" fix. I had a meal with fries (Don't they all come that way?) and was driving with the fries on the seat between my legs. I got behind the slowest driver in the history of the world -- even the Amish guy with the horse and buggy drives faster -- which was bad enough for my blood pressure. Then he decided to turn into a parking lot (an event that seemed to take an eternity -- he slowed aand slowed and s-l-o-w-e-d down. I matched his slow down, but wasn't ready for his stop before turning right (Why, I will never know). I didn't come close to hitting him (at least not his car LOL), but the quick stop dumped french fries all over the floor between my feet. So, i pulled into the lot behind him, parked, collected my french fries, and went on my way, probably ending up eating God knows how much dirt and yuck that adhered itsef to the grease and salt -- but I predict that I will live. So, I guess, will the old guy who was oblivious to anything around him. He was out for his Monday morning leisurely (that is another way of saying pokey) drive. At least my burger was still unopened in the bag and my drink was safe and secure in the cup holder. I feared that the dog, sitting on the passenger seat, was going to go airborne, but I managed to catch her. It would have been laughable had I not been royally pissed. Folks -- if you are going to drive cars, please learn how!

Now I'm home until Wednesday when I will once again head for Ben's so that we can head on to the fun experience of introducing him to my whole family on Thanksgiving. My family is really good about meeting new folks, but there's a lot of them and they can be a bit overwhelming. Pray for us. We are even invited to spend the night (together) at Mom's. My Mom is pretty cool about it -- does she "like" that I am gay? Probably not. Has she written me off or cast me aside? Never. Thanks, Mom.

Anyway, that, boys and girls, is the Monday report from the wilderness of west Michigan. Have a great day and give someone a hug.

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Lemuel said...

The description of your dance with Ben (and events leading up to it) were worth the whole post! (not to say that there were not other things to enjoy reading). You keep that Ben guy! He sounds like a winner! :)

I think I know the geezer whom you nearly hit. He drives here too! Totally oblivious to the hazard that he is.

I pity poor Ben on TG! The whole family! O my! Your mom must be a wonderful person.