Saturday, November 25, 2006

The "Meeting" was a Rousing Success

Well, here it is Saturday and we are back at my place after our Thanksgiving trip to visit my family and introduce Ben to the gang. When we arrived, there were probably thirty folks there. My primary introduction was "Everyone,this is Ben; Ben, this is everyone." As I knew would happen, Ben fit right in and was conversant with everyone, from my 9 nine year old niece to my 80+ year old mother. A great time and dinner were enjoyed by all. Mid evening Ben and I made our escape to Mother's house to relax and get a night's sleep. When we got up on Friday, Mom woke up and we chatted a bit, did a few little chores, went to breakfast. Ben and I shopped a bit and went back to pick up the dog at Mom's. It was then that Mom, gracious as always, invited Ben to join the family for Christmas -- I guess the meeting was indeed a success. I told Ben that I have to keep him around now--the family approved. I can't wait for the day when we make the trek to Iowa to meet the rest of the Quest clan. I will say that Ben has started casually dropping my name into his phone conversations with Mama Quest -- wonder what she's thinking -- probably thinking that I am the evil old man who corrupted her perfect little boy. Who knows? It will be an experience -- can't wait. Hope you all had as good a holiday as we did.


Lemuel said...

It is so great that it all went so well! Yup, looks like Ben has to stay now! He's in!

Mikey said...

Glad to hear your weekend was a great success. I am sure his family will love you too!