Monday, November 06, 2006

A Commentary on Voting

Lemuel at Greedy Maelstrom posted this commentary on tomorrow's election and I found it interesting and insightful. While I identify myself as a Democrat, I think that this commentary from a long term Republican speaks volumes about the importance of this year's elections. I urge you to get the information about candidates and issues and not simply vote for so - and - so because s/he is a R or a D or because they look hot or have a nice smile or whatever. By now, most of us should have done our homework and made our decisions about how to cast our ballots. I also have to admit that I sometimes think, "This race or this issue is not so important as the others.", and leave blank spots on the ballot -- I have learned that every race and every issue is of importance -- even who gets the job of Drain Commissioner (Who even knew that we commissioned our plumbing?). Today's drain commissioner or school board member may be next season's town council member, congressperson, governor or such. Everyone starts somewhere. My ballot will be a straight Democratic vote with NO being the choic efor all the proposals on this ballot. Some of the DUMBEST stuff gets on the ballot! Who sits down and writes this stuff and what kind of folks sign the petitions needed to get it on the ballot? Scary!

We live in an age where we cannot allow ourselves to be ignorant or apathetic. Some will say, "I don't like either candidate so I'm not voting." Sadly that is your choice, but to be a real American one needs to make an educated choice -- to do otherwise is to choose potential tyranny and disaster. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO TO THE POLLS TOMORROW AND LET THE FOLKS KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. There's an old saying that goes, "You've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything." Be a part of the process -- people have died to gain and preserve for you the right to vote!

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Lemuel said...

Thank you, Nick, for the shout-out, but even more for your comment. I learned early (perhaps by my parents example of voting in every election) that every one was important - especially the primaries and the local "dog catcher" elections. (I don't think we have drain commissioners here. LOL!) But your point is SO valid - today's dog catcher or drain commissioner is tomorrow's president.

Secondly it is so important for us as voters to do our research into the candidates so that we make informed decisions.

Lastly I also echo your sentiment that I have heard put elsewhere as "not to decide is to decide". -- and as Brad and Spider have put it, if you don't vote, you have no right to bitch.