Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy (?) Hunting

Well, good morning everyone on this first day of open season to shoot deer in Michigan. As I searched for an appropriate photo to brighten up this post, I was thrilled to find this one. It kind of sums up my thoughts on hunting season. How would we like it if deer had a season for hunting and killing us? I couldn't believe my eyes a little bit ago when I looked out my window and saw my boss's truck -- he is an avid hunter (it seems to be the macho hetero thing to be) and he took time out of his opening day to bring back my leaf blower -- go figure. Of course, he already killed three innocent and defenseless deer during the bow season. I want to know when the dynamite season comes -- I could probably get one or two that way -- LOL. In case you couldn't tell, I am a pacifist when it comes to this subject. I know that we are overrun with deer and that Michigan is one of the highest states for deer/car crashes, but still, what did that poor innocent deer ever do to you? If we were seriously in need of them for food, maybe it would be okay. But, for most of the guys (and a few gals) out there, it's nothing but legalized violence, a chance to be out with the guys, probably downing a few beers (real sensible for boys playing with guns), scratching their gonads, and acting all "manly". What's manly about shooting an unarmed and innocent prey? Ah well, enough sounding off about that. Remember (especially this time of the year), if you live in deer country, be careful, slow down, and be on the lookout for deer -- shooting them is bad enough, hitting them with car just doesn't seem sporting -- and it really does a number on the vehicle!

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Lemuel said...

Our season starts the Monday after TG here in macho PA. I find the comment to be hilarious that "the deer are overrunning our subdivisions" (which were built in the middle of the deers natural habitat). Hell-o!

On a side note the car in the pic looks like it might be a 1960's vintage Ford "Falcoon" (Falcon). I had me one of them. (Not a convertible tho.