Monday, November 27, 2006


Gosh! It seems as though I haven't stopped running since my last post. What a busy weekend. I loved it of course, but the travelling back and forth to Ben's is getting exhausting for both of us. We keep hoping for the day to quickly come when we are living in the same place. We seem to be moving closer to that day. As Ben posted, we had all three animals in the same room and Claudia the standoff-ish cat was enjoying my petting her -- this only a few moments after she saw me, hissed at me and headed for under the bed. Go figure -- cats! On Saturday we decided to head to the Saugatuck/Douglas area to do some shopping. Now if you are from anywhere in the midwest US and know anything about gay culture, you will recognize the name "Saugatuck". It is the gay hot spot in this area. We enjoyed walking the streets and the shops. More than the Christmas stuff and the great art work and the like, we enjoyed the openness of the community. It was great to be in an area where no one gave two guys shopping together a second look (well, there might have been some looks, but if so, it was checking us out and not judging us LOL). There was some nice scenery too and we just had a fun time and even bought a couple of unique Christmas gifts for folks on our lists. Sunday was church day and then back to Ben's for Sunday night. We brought up the Christmas tree and began decorating his house for the big event. That makes me think about my Christmas stuff and wondering whether to dig it our or not. If I get the opportunity to move before the holidays, I will have to tear it all down and repack it. If I don't put it up and don't get the chance to move, I will miss having the stuff out. Maybe I should just throw caution to the wind and chuck the job and move without a safety net. That would be a very irresponsible thing to do. Not only would I be unable to pay my ongoing bills for very long, but doing so would put an undue and unfair burden on Ben. I guess I will do the responsible thing (YUCK)and stay put here waiting - waiting -- waiting. It's kind of like calling someone and being put on perpetual hold. Is anything ever gonna happen? Between us we are spending four to six or more hour every weekend on the road just to be together. Next weekend, for instance, Ben wil likely be here from Friday to Sunday and I will drive there on Monday for the concert he is part of. Then I will zoon back home on Tuesday and it will back to normal chaos until the next weekend. Where's this stuff going to stop? Good grief.

Anyway, sorry about the length of this post, but I just had to vent a bit. Ben is so good about the running back and forth and sacrificing other things just to be together. I wish for each of you your own "Ben" -- loving, considerate, etc. Well, you get the picture. I will post a couple other thoughts later in the day, but for now, stay well and hug the one you love.

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