Monday, November 27, 2006


Blogger is beginning to PISS ME OFF! I try to post comments to several blogs and continue to encounter user UNFRIENDLY steps. I have to sign in more often than not; if I try to sign in bith beta it kicks me out; if I try to use my blogger account, it kicks me to beta sign in and I lose whatever i've typed. I go to my own blog and try to sign in and the dashboard or post screen pops up behind the page and makes it tough to get to. And then there's the pesky little issue of wanting to comment on non-beta blogs only to be told that this cannot be done. Who runs blogger anyway? I think whoever it is is in league with the guy in the red suit -- the one with horns and a pitchfork who lives in a very warm climate. It's a good thing I enjoy blogging or I'd be telling the blogger folks to go blog themselves sideways. OK, I'm done venting.. Thanks for listening.


Lemuel said...

You go, Nick! I'm with you!

Ur-spo said...

blogger rage!