Monday, November 27, 2006


Geez, four weeks from today will see us celebrating Christmas. I'm not ready. Ben and I dug out his tree and stuff. I'm still undecided about my stuff and where I will be by then. There's been no real snow and the weather has been warm. It's kind of weird hearing "Let it Snow", "Dashing through the snow", "In the meadow we can build a snowman" and all the references to winter which actually have nothing at all in common with the first Christmas anyway. I'm gonna try to get a bit more in the mood by watcfhing some of the Christmas movies -- the older ones first -- A Christmas Carol (the 1938 version), Miracle on 24th Street (the original), It's a Wonderful Life (amazing no one has redone that one), and so on. Then I will throw in the much more obscure "Miracle at Morgan's Creek". Yes, it does exist -- starring William Demarest, Betty Hutton, and Eddie Bracken Jr (He was the park owner in Vacation). Then on to the newer stuff -- got to be sure to see Scrooged. And I want to hit the theaters soon for the new ones -- Deck the Halls and the Santa Clause 3. Between that, shopping with Ben, and all the ads, music, and church stuff, Christmas will come and I will be as happy as the next guy. For those who have difficulty with Christmas for whatever reason, just know that you are loved and appreciated. Dont make the mistake of locking yourself away and retreating. Go take a walk or drive through town and look at the lights,,,,,listen to the "up" Chrsitmas music, amke a pact with yourself to find a place to be for the holiday with positive caring people who will help you enjoy the day and the season. Only four more weeks ! EEEEKKKK.. I should get off here and get some of the holiday chores done? Hmm. Hope you are gearing up for a time of joy and celebration, a time of hope and renewal. A time of love and peace. God rest ye merry, gentlemen (and ladies too).


BentonQuest said...

But they have redone It's A Wonderful Life, it is called It Happened One Christmas and starts Marlo Thomas as George and Chloras Leachman as Clarence.

Ur-spo said...

62 degrees!
You are warmer than Phoenix!