Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I did it -- my civic duty! I voted. I was the 356th ballot in my precinct (probably the first to vote a "D" straight ticket in this hotbed of conservatism, but I have spoken. Then I went looking for an appropriate picture to put on this post and found -- what else? -- portapotties!! For those of you who have read this blog for a while you will know that i have presented porta-potty shots with such interesting names as "Jons to Go" and others that I found humorous. I think that the ones in this picture should be named "Flush-a-dubya". If you think about it, Democrats will howl with laughter and the other party will just howl! But, hey, it's my blog and I'll laugh if I want to. I hope that all of you got out and voted. Too bad we can't all win, but if we all do our civic duty and do it responsibly, the good old US of A will ultimately win because we will elect at least some responsible and responsive leaders. If we fail to speak our mind (and use it in doing so) then we will all lose. Can't wait to hear the results tonight -- I suspect there will be a wake up call for one party; I just hope that the other doesn't take it as either a mandate or a full approval of their platform, but rather as a, "Here's your chance; let's see if you can do the things you've promised.". If they can't perform, there is another election just around the corner and things can change in one election! Leaders, be warned! You work for US the citizens of this land, not for yourself or for the special interests. Enough ranting about elections and voting. If you've voted already, congrats. If you are going to the polls after work, HOORAY. If you've decided to stay home and skip it, shame on you -- go read someone else's blog.

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Lemuel said...

Absolutely!!! Your whole post is right on! but especially the latter half when you note that we are saying to the "new" guys that they had better be responsible or they will be out the next round!