Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sex Meme

I found this on Larrytronic's blog and decided that I would rise to the challenge and answer the questions. Made me think a bit. Give it a try!

1. Can you count all the sexual partners you've ever had on two hands?
I couldn’t count them all if I took off my shoes and got out the calculator.
2. When did you have your first sexual experience? About 8, a little fooling around; got real about 15 and wild about 18.
3. Do you like boys or girs? Boys. More accurately MEN
4. Have you ever had a threesome? Absolutely. Some good, some not.
5. How old were you when you first touched yourself? I was about 9 or 10 – watched a friend doing it and tried it too.
6. Have you ever dreamed about having sex with a teacher? Absolutely! He was a music professor (private voice lessons no less) in my freshman year. I imagine his wife would not have been amused but he was a hottie.
7. Have you ever dreamed about having sex with an animal? ICK!
8. Do you like toys in bed? Depends on the toy and the playmate
9. Do you like to be spanked? Been there, done that – it’s not all that.
10. Does size matter? Not near as much as what it’s attached to.
11. Who was your first crush? God, how does one define crush? I’ve had the hots for many, but a crush? Probably the teacher in #6
12. Do you enjoy oral sex? Does the Pope say Mass? Love to give it more than receiving
13. Have you ever had anal sex? Definitely
14. Did you enjoy the experience? Usually; depends on the partner and how I’m feeling
15. Do you shave your private area? No! Afraid of razor cuts and re-growth itching. Besides I like hair there
16. Do you have wet dreams often? Nope; had some as a kid, but now rely on the real thing.
17. Have you ever been tied up while having sex? Yes, and it was not enjoyable. The fantasy was far more a turn on than the reality.
18. Have you ever tied someone up while having sex? No.
19. Do you believe bisexuality is real? For some perhaps, not for me
20. If you could sleep with a celebrity legitimately, who would it be? I suppose I could build a whole list, but since I am deliriously in love with Ben right now I think I will pass.

I took the test; how about you?

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Ur-spo said...

what a jolly good MEME!
I'd love to steal/use it but my father, brothers and aunt read my blog!