Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What's Fair is Fair

I've been listening to the unfolding of the Mark Foley incident and its apparent negative backlash against the gay community. We've been painted as pedophiles and worse and there are calls to arms to control this gay thing coming from all over the place. I was sitting here this morning as I watched the rain coming down about a US President who had extra-marital sex with a woman in the oval office. Now, based on the "logic" of responses to the Foly affair, we should find a way to paint all married heterosexual men as unfaithful, unethical jerks who shouldn't be allowed to hold any responsible position. Yet in that case, there was a narrow paint brush used, aimed solely at one person. In the Foly situation it seems that the paint is being applied with a Wagner Power Roller or a fire hose, shooting blame and innuendo on anyone who is part of the "out crowd." Mark Foley's unethical behavior is his, not mine and not yours. I wonder what would have happened if his emails had been to a female staffer. His behavior does not make anyone a pedophile, nor does it negate your right or mine to love whom we will love and to have that love and relationship affirmed and recognized by church and state. For the sake of you southpaws out there, I sure hope Mark FOley is right handedIf he's left handed, then by logical extension, all left handed people have become suspect. Come on, America, wake up! Let's put this mess behind us and look at some of the real problems in our country and world -- war, economy, discrimination, etc. But, oh no, it is much easier to jump on a popular bandwagon and to point accusing fingers at entire groups of people based on the actions of one than to stand up and take action in things that really matter to all people. What's the answer? Let's hold each individual accountable for his or her actions without labeling everyone else. Come on people, let's grow up and get on with solving some real problems!!

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