Monday, October 16, 2006


My goodness, what a busy weekend. Somehow there just isn't time to post much on here when we are busy running back and for the between Ben's house and mine, going to church, and trying to have a little together time. Anyhow, the last post I made talked about Friday night's dinner party with friends of Ben and my anxiety level. As usual, my fears were groundless. Everything went well, dinner was delicious, the company was fine, and even the animals were friendly. We had a great time and then went home and crashed. Saturday was an adventure day. If you read this blog much, you know that we like to take off and go places, sometimes planned and sometimes not, but always fun. This trip was to Bronners. Now if you've never been there, you've missed an important piece of Christmas. They have everything from A to Z for Christmas and other holidays. Being typical gay men, we LOVE Christmas and going to Bronners gives us Chrsitmas "fix". Sometimes we buy stuff, more often we just go wander and "Ah" and Ooh" over all the really great stuff. After Bronners and lunch we headed back to Ben's, picked up the dog, and headed to my house for Saturday night and for church on Sunday. Then it was back to my house after church, pick up the dog, and head to Ben's for Sunday night and for him to go to work today. THis morning I made another job applicationand headed home for the week. If you find all this running back and forth a little confusing, you should be in our shoes. The poor animals don't know what's going on, and I think we havve to look out the windows to remember where we are on any given day. I thinkk the day is coming where we can be together in ONE place without all the planning, running, and catching a moment here or there. What an awesome idea. Just keep the job hunt in your thoughts -- think of the gas we can save LOL.

It was a fun weekend, but Ben was having some anxiety about the job. He finished training on Friday and was starting the real thing this morning. He was concerned as to whether or not he could do the job, whether the training had been sufficient and so on. He called me a little bit ago and things seemed to be going okay so far. We will get a more detailed report tonight when we chat. New jobs and nex experiences, while exciting, can seem a little daunting. Maybe that is part of what keep slife interesting and moving forward. And Move Forward we must.


David said...


This is David at Someone in a Tree. You didn't have an email address so I'm reduced to doing this a little more publicly than I'd prefer.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do about my post of last Friday but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I don't feel that my participation in a gentle ribbing of what, to be honest, is a somewhat suspect blog was particularly cruel or malicious. Nor did I post anything directly on their site. I confine my opinions (juvenile or adult) to my own territory, as is my prerogative.

The parties it was directed at very likely had not even the slightest clue we even did this. This prank was for ourselves and our readership. If someone wants to parody me and my opinions and interests on their site, they certainly have the absolute right to do so, as I have the right to ignore them.

Again, I'm sorry you feel the need to boycott my site. I value all my readers and their opinions, positive and negative, provided they are not pejorative. I wish you the best.

BentonQuest said...

I don't want to pick on David when he doesn't have a chance to defend himself, but his comment about the praties it was directed at very likely had not even the slightest clue we even did this got me thinking. This comment would be equivalent to being referred to as a fag, just as long as we don't know it. Or refering to blacks as the "N" word, as long as they don't hear it. It doesn't matter if the person knows it or not. To ridicule someone for "ourselves and our readership" is just childish.