Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back and Beat

Well, as promised in my last post, it's Sunday and I am home and posting again. The conference I attended was wonderful and energizing, but also very tiring. Somehow the going to bed time and the waking up time are too close together. I took time out of the schedule to have lunch with Ben on Friday and with Mother on Saturday. I headed back this morning and stopped off to see Ben and to pick up the dog. Ben and I had some time together, but I was so tired that I really needed to head for home. We have reached a point where we agree that I need to find a job that will allow us to be together on a regular basis. One of the hundreds of resumes will come through eventually, but the waiting is stressful on both of us. Tomorrow morning it will be back to the job searches and more resumes going out. It will also be back to work at the complex -- cleaning up whatever messes the tenants made in my absence. And it will be a busy church week with meetings three nights in a row -- more exhaustion. But life is good and God is blessing.

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