Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog Integrity

I love to link to other blogs of interest and to visit and comment on their posts often. After all, blogging is about communication. In fairness to and belief in those who read this blog, however, I strive to link only to blogs that show integrity and common decency. In reviewing links recently I discovered two that fell short of the standards I have set for this page. It is, after all, my page and my choice to link or not link to other blogs. The first was a situation where I was attacked without benefit of personal communication. The writer did not have all the facts but chose to anonymously lambast me based solely on the information at hand. To not check facts and get full information is, in my opinion, poor blogging. The second instance involved a group of bloggers who were maing fun of another blogger's posts by doing rather heartless imitations of content and style. Not every blog is set to everyone's taste, but eveyone is entitled to his or her own opinions and content.hose who would poke this kind of fun are not the type of folks that I want to share with my readers. Therefore, tonght my links list got smaller. As I explore the wonderful world of blogs and find pages that share my interests or give pertinent information, I will add then to my page. I would urge every blogger to visit your own links occasionally so that you know where you are referring your readers. Let's maintain some standards of fairness and integrity and keep blogging fun and clean. That's my opinion -- take it for what it's worth!


Tracy said...

I admire your conviction and support what you are saying here. I have a blog as well and I generally only write about myself and my day or week as it were and only when the mood strikes me. LOL. I try to steer away from writing about people but if I do, it will be positive. I began my blog shortly after I lost everything in Katrina. I experienced the negativity of some people in their responses to my posts about the devastation and the difficult road to recovery. I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion but it should not be at the expense of others. Thanks for being a positive force in the blogging world :-)

Ur-spo said...

alas, being a blogger means you are sometimes going to get some nasties.
I've been recently satired and it hurt my feelings. It is the wild west out here; happily most people are well mannered.

Journeyman said...

Wise advice, Nick. I think I will check my links, though I am typically very thoughful about putting on links in the first place. I'd be surprised and more than a little disappointed if I saw something I didn't like. Selfishly, I'm glad I got to stay on your list.

Here's to civility in the Blog-o-Sphere.