Monday, October 30, 2006

What a Weekend

Hey readers -- I haven't had time to post anything since Friday. We had a super weekend at church with our guests from out of town. The translation of "super" for me is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. By the time the service was over on Sunday I was exhausted and a bit physically sick just from overdoing it to make sure that everything went right. Ben was a great help and support to me as always. I'm telling you, folks, if you are active in your church, it is a blessing to have a partner who not only supports your efforts but also is willing to share the load. The picture above right shows Ben chatting with one of our guests who is planning to enter seminary soon. After we got home from church and rested for a few minutes (or tried to) we loaded up our stuff and the dog and headed to Ben's for last night. He had an appointment in the Detroit area today and i invited myself to go with him (Aren't I the bold one?). A little before 10 last night, I gave out and went to sleep while he posted his blog update. The weekend had done me in. Anyhow, we got up and got moving this morning and headed toward Detroit. While Benwas taking care of business I was enjoying the weather (it was sunny and 70 today --can you believe it?). The other picture above is one I took while waiting for him. It shows a tree in fall color on what should be a wintry day but is a summery 70 -- welcome to Michigan! But isn't it a pretty tree? After he finished his business, we went hiking through a nearby park just enjoying the day and each other's company. Then we decided it was nearly lunch time so we headed back toward home looking for a lunch spot. We were riding merrily along enjoying the scenery when Ben mentioned that it seemed that the truck was out of alignment ==pulling to the right. Then we heard the noise -- thumpa thumpa thump. We pulled off on a side road to see what was up. The right front tire was flat as a pancake. When we discovered our dilemma, Ben remembered that he has road service, so let's call someone else to do the dirty work. God forbid we should get our hands dirty -- LOL. I walked a little ways and found Arbys and brought back lunch which we consumed while we waited. Several people stopped and offered assistance (including a state trooper and a sheriff's deputy). As we ate, we were bothered by an unlikely phenomonen for the last days of October -- the bees thought that the french fry grease smelled yummy and a couple of them buzzed around us like it was July. Finally, after the anticipated hour wait, the road service guy showed up and had the tire changed in a few minutes. Of course Ben and I stood there and watched him work -- nice view too LOL. He finished up and was on his way and so were we. We stopped for ice cream (again, OCTOBER??) and headed home. Then we sat snuggled on the sofa for an hour or so while Ben processed some feelings about his situation and I held him and listened. That, boys and girls, is what partners do --listen and support one another. Then, sadly, I had to head for home. The odd part is that I left the dog at Ben's this week as I will out of town from Wednesday through Sunday and he is babysitting --bet his cats will LOVE that. I said a prayer as I started the car to head out because yesterday when I was almost there, it began making funny noises, let out a backfire, gave off the aroma of burning rubber, and then moved ever forward. I made it to the house, parked in the driveway, and in my best Scarlett O'Hara voice told myself, "I'll worry aobut that tomorrow." Imagine my relief then this afternoon when it started and ran like a champ all the way home. It's old, it's tired, it's ventilation system has a mind of its own, the drivers' seat is supported by two plastic buckets, but it looks decent and usually gets me where I'm going AND it's paid for. (Gee, it sounds a lot like me.) So I'm home and gearing up for my trip and missing Ben and the poodle already. If you have a mate, cherish him or her. If you don't have one and are looking, seek one who is supportive and caring. Have a good rest of the week and tell someone you love them. It brightens the day for both of you.

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