Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Bizarre Adventure

I had a first time ever expereience the other day at the conference hotel. I entered the men's room to take care of business (Now keep it clean, guys). As I entered, I encountered a woman fixing her hair in front of the mirror. For a split second, I htought I had made a tactical error, but then I noticed the wall full of urinals and I knew I hadn't goofed. She looked and said, "Oops, I guess I'm in the wrong room." DOn't you love it when people state the obvious? I laughed it off and went ahead and did what I was there for as she headed out the door. Now I wonder why she didn't see the urinals -- or was she in there for some purpose other than potty? Had she met up with someone for some quick fun? Who knows? Anyway, it was pretty weird and I lived this long in life before experiencinf it. Does this stuff happen often??

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