Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deer Me

Yes it is spelled correctly. My friend Dand and I were headed home from church tonight in his van. As we headed up the freeway chatting all at once he uttered something "Oh SH**!" and there was a thump just as I looked out and saw the back side of a deer bounding off the right front corner of the van. The damn thing seemingly appeared from nowhere. It seems that Michigan is the number 2 state for car deer crashes in the country (Pennsylvania is first). This was, for me at least, a first. I have avoided one or two deer in the past year, but this is getting near the really busy season for them to be running. It is currently bow hunting season and rifle season is just a few short weeks away. Thankfully, Dan and I are both fine--don't know about the deer (it took off as quickly as it appeared)and the van, while driveable, has a good bit of damage to the right front corner. I will say that the state police officer was very efficient and personable. Cell phones are great -- we sat there and Dan called the insurance company, the police, and his sweetheart. Let's wait and see what great adventures await on the morrow.All I can say to all you who read this is -- drive carefully!

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