Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Weekend Fades into History

Gosh! It's Sunday night and I wonder where the weekend went. Ben arrived Friday night after a long day at work and we just hung out. Being Sweetest Day, I bought Ben a yellow rose and a blueberry pie for dessert. So then he show up with guess what! Red roses and a peach pie. LOL. Saturday began with going to church to teach a class -- how exciting! After class, we headed to the town of Lowell for the "Festival of the Scarecrows." We had fun even though it was an underwhelming experience. Towspeople come together and buld scarecrows along the street -- really weird, but hey, it's small town America. In the first picture above, Ben is taking a picture of a scarecrow family in front of the church. The second picture is of some ornamental lettuce that I found in a flower bed == I thought it was awesome -- never seen anything like it before. I took the third picture as we visited a park and looked at the river. We saw several deer, but they were faster than our cameras.

We still had time before our evening event, so we took in a movie. We saw "The Prestige" with Hugh Jackman, Chrsitian Bale, Michael Caine, and Scarlett Johansen. We both recommend this one. It has more twists and turns than a long mountain road, and it doesn't get sorted out until the final seconds. I was dying to go to the bathroom, but couldn't tear myself away from the drama long enough -- thank God the movie ended before my bladder gave out. Then it was back to church for our annual Dessert Auction and Cake Walk. We came home with two cakes, a pie, cookies, and candy. Ben is taking some to work tomorrow, some went in the freezer, I will share some with the neighomeneighbors, and the rest will go in us I guess.

Today was church, a trip to the mall and out to lunch. Now it's back to the mundane existence that is my life from Monday through Friday. It was a glorious weekend even though we were busy and the weather sucked. I sure hope a job comes through for me in Ben's town before the snow flies!!

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