Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, the post birthday day was kind of a drag. I did spend the early half of the day connecting and installing my new 4 in 1 machine which thankfully does work. I haven't figured out all the bells and whistle yet, but at least the computer knows the machine is attached. After my run in trying to install the phone software package, I think this is quite an accomplishment. I hit the grocery store for Wacky Wednesday specials and came home striving to stay comfortable in the AC. The heat, coupled with the physical and mental strain of a four hour church board meeting the night before made me unfit company for anyone -- except the dog who wanted to be right on top of me every minute. Go figure. When Ben called about 9 PM, I wasn't very talky though I did go outside trying to improve phone reception. I discovered that the weather was changing and it was quite comfortable -- a nice breeze in anticipation of the promised storms that never really amounted to anything around here. Today is supposed to be a cooler day with a high of 81, and tomorrow and Saturday it's back to the high 80s. I did manage to get about 8 hours sleep last night, though it was somewhat broken -- still woke up tired this morning but in a somewhat better frame of mind.

I discovered some folks with I share my birthday -- Francis Scott Key, Jerry Garcia (does this account for a diverse musical taste?), Dom DeLuise (God knows I'm always quite the comedian too), and Henry "Yves" St. Laurent (Henry?? Who knew?? -- but from him I get my divine sense of style LOL). The most important person with whom I share my special day is my "middle aged"(?) daughter .

Hopefully today will be a better and brighter (and cooler) day. There's not much going on today, but I should have time to get some work done around the building and some stuff done for church. And Ben -- if you are reading this (and he does) -- I will try to be in a better space to chat with you later.

That's all the scoop from rural west Michigan this morning. The big news from here is that the corn fields are looking healthy. And you wonder why my mood isn't always the best. LOL. Hug someone and tell 'em you love 'em.. It will brighten their day and yours.

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